Smart Features

User Friendly, Innovative, and Contemporary.

Easy Delivery

The Delivery System uses the latest GPS technology. By activating your phone’s GPS you are able to track the distance, the time and location of the Eats Easy Service Rep who is on track to bring your order to you. 

Easy Rewards

Its our version of a loyalty card. But it’s not for just one merchant but for all our partners. For every accumulated $10 worth of product transactions you get 1 point to your Easy Rewards. Use the Easy Rewards Points on any merchant of your choosing and simply apply them to your transaction! 

Easy Coupon

Promotions and discounts? Watch out for special Easy Coupons to use for  your next Eats Easy transaction. Easy Coupons such as Free Delivery, Buy 1 get 1, Discounts and the like await users who are actively looking for specials. 

Easy Chat

New to the app or looking for help on some of  the functions? Type a question so one of our customer service representatives can assist you and give you clarifications on the usage of the APP.

Behind the Name

Why Eats Easy? 

A wise person once said “Technology is meant to make our lives easier. If tech is making your life harder, SOMEONE is doing it WRONG!

So here we are making eating easier and more convenient for you through technology.  After experiencing your first use of the App we want you to say and think, “Wow Its Easy!” Hence the name Eats Easy was born to remind everyone that we can easily help you with your cravings with a few touches in your smartphone and viola! Your food is delivered to you right in front of your doorstep! 

So worry no more as we are now here to make Eats Easy for you! 


Rachel Regondola

The Notable First ever Eats Easy Foodie

Living in the island for nearly half a decade the EATS EASY APP is a welcome change for the community. The app is not only a means to #CONQUERTHEHUNGER, but also a fuel that will slowly help our economy reach greater heights by having easier access to restaurants we all grew to love.

Tobat Castro

Avid Fan & Certified Foodie

Håfa Adai CNMI, Stomach rumbling? Feeling a bit hungry but too tired to drive?.. Well look no further, we’ve finally have an online delivery app that could help us smooth out all those problems! That’s what I did! I was going crazy looking for a way to get good food that will satisfy, but they can’t deliver!

Mark Rabago

Saipan Tribune – Associate Editor

Can’t wait for East Easy to get off the ground. It’s a boon for foodies and restaurants alike for sure.

Vince Sablan

Imperial Pacific Resort – Cage & Count Shift Manager

Finally someone on this island figured out to do something like this. How long have I waited for some company or some one to put out a delivery service like this. Eats easy has been a god send. Ordering from the app is easy as 123. I would mos-def recommend this app to friends and families. Wishing more restaurants out here on Saipan would sign up for it. Eats easy!!!



About Us

Tech 5ive LLC is a Saipan based company whose vision is to bring about the first GPS based Food Delivery App to the island hence Eats Easy was born. Launching in January 2020 Eats Easy will be the first of many tech related businesses under the Tech 5ive LLC.
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